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Reconstructive and plastic eye surgery

Surgeries of the Eye Microsurgery MNTK perform the full range of reconstructions and plastic operations for various eye pathologies. The use of advanced, efficient and proven diagnostic technologies makes it possible to determine the patient-specific treatment tactics.

In particular, endoscopic, laser, radio-wave equipment at dacryocystorhinostomy allows surgeries without external incisions providing a cosmetic effect, reduces the risk of additional traumatization of the cortex, dramatically shortens the period of postoperative rehabilitation of patients in the following surgeries:

  • transcanalicular laser-assisted dacryocystorhinostomy
  • endonasal dacryocystorhinostomy
  • endonasal canaliculocystorhinostomy

Quick bloodless removal of lesions on the eyelid skin in the peri-ocular area with a good cosmetic effect is possible through the use of radio-wave and laser equipment, cryodestruction and electrosurgical excision.

Modern anesthesia, extensive use of endoscopic and laser technologies, controlled sterility, up-to-date equipment, medicines from the best producers significantly improve the quality of surgeries and shortens the postoperative rehabilitation period.

Consistent observation of patients prevents the recurrence of diseases. The surgeries are performed by surgeons of the highest qualification from the reconstructive and plastic surgery department.


  • endoscopic
  • laser
  • surgical
  • radio wave
  • electrosurgical
  • with cryogenic equipment
  • modern injection technologies

Types of plastic and reconstructive interventions in diseases and pathological conditions, operated in the department:

  • Cosmetic surgery on blind eyes. Evisceration, evisceroenucleation and enucleation using unique plastic materials (implant endoprostheses) and endoscopic methods, including in children.
  • Treatment of lacrimal system diseases. The most modern methods of treatment and endoscopic surgeries for the impassability of the lacrimal nasal canal (laser technologies, microendoscopes and unique drains for lacrimal organs).
  • Correction of anophthalmic syndrome, elimination of soft tissue deficit and creation of a mobile base for cosmetic prosthesis using unique tools and plastic materials, including elimination of orbital deformations after radical oncology surgeries and radiotherapy courses.
  • Unique technologies for eliminating double vision after injuries to the orbit or oncological interventions.
  • Original methods of treating corneal erosions of various etiologies, wounds and purulent processes in soft tissues of the orbit and face using the latest developments and biological coatings.
  • Blepharelosis.
  • Eyelid inversion.
  • Eyelid ptosis of different etiology.
  • Elimination of cicatricial deformities of the eyelids.
  • Blepharoplasty for various diseases and conditions (cosmetic plastic of the upper and lower eyelids).
  • Reconstruction of the conjunctival cavity with simblepharons and ankyloblopharons using original techniques and materials.
  • Subperiosteal/osseous plastic of the inferior orbit wall.
  • Surgical treatment of severe strabismus.
  • Complex treatment of paralytic strabismus, including surgeries and chemodenervation.
  • Contour plastic of the orbit.
  • Complex reconstructive and restorative surgeries in the orbital and periorbital region for consequences of injuries, burns, severe diseases and congenital pathologies.
  • Treatment of blephorospasm by chemodenervation.
  • Treatment of enophthalmos.
  • Treatment of lagophthalmos and retraction of the upper eyelid with endocrine ophthalmopathy by chemodenervation.

Removal of benign neoplasms of the conjunctiva and skin using various surgical methods, including radio wave, laser, electrosurgery and cryodestruction.

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