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Therapeutic treatment

The Eye Microsurgery MNTK conducts more than 10,000 courses of conservative and physiotherapeutic treatment of eye pathologies per year. It applies the full range of modern medicines and conservative treatment methods used in the world practice.

This helps to implement various combined methods of conservative and physiotherapeutic treatment and, therefore, to treat the most complicated and diverse eye pathology.

  • It provides outpatient and inpatient care to patients with inflammatory, dystrophic and vascular eye diseases.
  • Inflammatory diseases (conjunctivitis, keratitis, uveitis, chorioretinitis, etc.) of infectious or allergic genesis are treated with new medications.
  • To get better treatment outcomes for patients with retinal pathologies and optic nerve disorders, the methods of electro-magnetic-light stimulation, electrophoresis and medication magnetophoresis are being improved.

A complex of combined stimulation and intensive therapy is used in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with eye diseases. It is shown that magnetic stimulation in combination with wing-palatal blockades contributes to the elimination of circulatory disorders in the basin of the orbital artery and cerebral vessels.

High qualification of physicians from the therapeutic ophthalmology department and the use of modern technologies allow achieving brilliant results in the treatment of any non-surgical eye pathology.

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