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Astigmatism is divided into myopic, hyperopic and mixed.

There are three degrees of astigmatism:

  • mild – up to 2 diopters;
  • moderate – up to 3 diopters;
  • severe – 4 diopters or above.

REMEMBER! A timely consultation with an ophthalmologist will help you to prevent severe complications of myopia and save your vision!

The problem of astigmatism can be successfully solved by refractive surgery. It was founded by S.N. Fyodorov. Surgery techniques, tools and special microsurgery instruments are constantly developed and improved. Software-based precise calculations can predict surgery outcomes on a case by case basis.

All this allow people with astigmatism to see the world with their own eyes.

To determine the degree of astigmatism and choose the most suitable treatment, ophthalmologists from the MNTK will carry out all required examinations using modern diagnostic equipment.


Astigmatism can be treated by correction with eyeglasses or contact lenses or by surgery. Currently, various methods of surgical correction of astigmatism have been developed and are successfully applied.

To treat astigmatism in patients with myopia innovative technologies are used: personalized FemtoLASIK, FemtoLASIK, LASIK, PRF.

Depending on the patient’s health condition, each surgery has its own contraindications.

Leveraging from all modern laser technologies, specialists of the laser surgery department of the Eye Microsurgery MNTK can treat astigmatism. High qualification of surgeons and the use of modern technologies allow achieving brilliant results in the treatment of any patients suffering from this ailment.

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